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What is your timeframe for getting a Lionheart Puppy? Immediately, Few Months, 1 Year, Just looking
What activities will you and your Puppy be involved in? Agility, Conformation, Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten, Schutzhund, Sport of Personal Protection, Therapy Work, Tracking, Weight Pulling, Companion Only (List all that apply)
What type temperament are you looking for?
Do you prefer a male or female? Male, Female, No Preference
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Please supply names and telephone numbers of personal references, preferably individuals who are familiar with your care of animals:
Please give us any other additional information about yourself that will help us determine the best puppy to match you and your family with. Also, you may tell us if you are interested in a puppy we have available or one of our upcoming breedings: Which breeding are you interested in?
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