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About Lionheart Cane Corso

Lionheart Cane Corso is a small family operated kennel in Sacramento, California. My wife Jordan and I were first introduced to the breed in 2006 while working in San Francisco, California. What can I say it was love at first sight. What drew us to the breed was their noble personality, balanced temperaments and un-canning ability to determine friend from foe. It was at that point that I made the decision that a Cane Corso was the breed for us and that is where our journey with this wonderful breed began. We learned about the rich history of the Cane Corso in Europe and about their roles throughout history.

Lionheart Cane Corso Winner After absorbing all the information that we could about the breed we continued our research about kennels domestic and abroad. And In 2009 after three long years of painstaking research we introduced our foundation male Capone to our family. From that point on life was never so good. Capone MADE our house into a happy home. Since welcoming Capone to our home we have welcomed some new and very special additions to our kennel including the offspring of some of the Top Cane Corso’s in the country. We are pleased with how our small kennel is maturing and evolving into one of the most passionate and ethical kennels in the country and we are looking forward to making a name for ourselves in the Cane Corso Community.

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